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The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer  - Patrick Ness
A lot of people rated this book either 4 or 5 stars, but it's more of a 3 for me, or even 2.

The whole book started slow for me, despite all the action. Todd and Viola were the only ones interesting for me. The mayor/president was pretty ok, but he lacked the qualities of a true villain. He was rather weak for me.

The reason why I rated this 3 stars, and not 2, was because the last part was quite interesting. A lot of surprises that would be further resolved in the last book.

I expected a lot more from Patrick Ness... I really liked More Than This and The Knife of Never Letting Go, but this one was a huge let down. Hopefully I'd like Monsters of Men more than I liked this.

I know that this is just probably me, maybe the novel is actually really really good. Let's just put it like this, I didn't like the novel, but that doesn't make the novel bad right away. My genre are Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Crime. I don't really read YA anymore, unlike before. Most YA fail to impress me, so I do have a feeling that most YA readers would actually like this. So if you're a YA reader, don't hesitate to read this.

I also have to mention that I read this right after reading Joe Abercrombie's "The Last Argument of Kings" and I have a feeling that I'm having the so called "book hangover". I really liked TLAOK, and it's a fantasy novel, so I think that contributed to the dislike I felt toward this novel.