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Before They Are Hanged

Before They Are Hanged  - Joe Abercrombie For me the second, or middle book always end up the worst, but Before They Are Hanged proved itself otherwise. I have to say that it's better than the first book, The Blade Itself.

In The Blade Itself, we were just introduced to the amazing characters, and of course the world building just started. The world building, and the characters felt more complete in the second installment of the trilogy. No more introduction of who's who, but rather the characters were in a lot of action in this book. The first book was less violent than this one, and I really have to say that the violence of this book was astounding. In any fantasy novel I always look for action and death, and this one really delivered it well.

In the first book The Dogman seemed boring, but in this one he redeemed himself, and him being the new chief makes me wonder what might happen to his journey.

None of the characters were boring in this book to be honest.

Glokta with his usual humor, and we saw more "evil" of him in this book.

The part of Jezal being hit by a mace was awesome. Who would've guessed that someone of royalty would receive such a harsh destiny.

Logen and Ferro was something I knew was going to happen. I didn't get shocked and all, but I still really liked ther chemistry.

West proved that he has more to show, and he's starting to become one of my favorites.

Once again, an easy 5 stars, and no doubt one of my favorite novels. If you want to read something somewhat heavier, and full of action, then this is the book for you!