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A Clash of Kings

A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin I'm not even sure which one I liked better, the first book or this one...
I have to say though that this one had a lot more action, and I also have to say that most of the characters I loved during book one, I kind of started to hate in this book.

The next few chapters will be about the characters, and it will contain a few spoilers. I decided to give out a warning rather that hide it in a spoiler tag

Everyone hated Sansa in the first book, you can add me to the list, but I really liked her in this one. She's not the spoiled princess that she was during the first book considering she is held captive of the King we all hate. Without her constant whining of Arya, I learned to love her, she has to be one of my favorites now.

I hated Tyrion in the first book, despite all the love he received there. Although in this book, he is my favorite character. He really redeemed himself. His feud with his sister has to be my favorite part/s of the book. And him almost dying in the end really made me nervous. This imp has to be the best character in this book, if someone disagrees then let that person be eaten by Ghost.

In my review of book one, I stated out that Jon was my favorite, although in this book I have to say that I kind of lost interest in his chapters. For me he had a slow pace in this book, and the mere fact that I'm not fond of "The Night Watch" might contributed to me not liking him that much in this book.
If you've read the book, you should remember his scene with Ygritte. That scene for me was his most important one, and George R. R. Martin kind of ruined it for me. I wanted him to kill her. Jon needs the thrill, the suspense that the other characters are getting. I know him not killing her contributed a lot in the end, but still, for me I would start to like Jon as much as I did during the first book if he did kill Ygritte. Also his last chapter felt a little boring for me too, not much suspense, and I'm not really anticipating that much for the next book. I have to say though that my favorite direwolf of all is Ghost.

I have mix reactions of Bran in this book. There were chapters wherein I hated him so much, but there were also chapters that I really liked. I would consider him neutral here, but I have to say I really liked him during the first book.

A few good chapters, but also a few bad ones.

She really redeemed herself in this book. I saw her dark side, and that really made me look forward to every chapter of hers. George R. R. Martin did leave us with a cliffhanger though. I can't wait to read the next book to find out if she killed Jaime or not.

She has to be the biggest let down in this book. I really liked her during the first, in fact, I anticipated every chapter of hers in the first book, but I really hated her here. No thrill, and nothing to look forward to.

A really good addition to the list of characters. I really liked his chapters, never was there a dull moment. His arrogant remarks made him more interesting than most of the main characters.

He has to be the worst character in the book, ever. Even worse than Joffrey. Every, and I mean every, chapter of his made me bored. Bored to the point that I started questioning George R. R. Martin's intention of adding Davos' voice in the first place.

I really hated Davos, but that aside this has to be one of my favorite books out there. It also took me a while to finish reading this, but it is a fantasy novel, its main mission is to take over my life.