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A Dance With Dragons
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I Am the Messenger

I Am the Messenger - Markus Zusak I can't really review this without spoiling, to be honest. If you haven't read the novel please do not press the spoiler tag, or you'll really regret doing so.

Protect the Diamonds

This talks about the abusive father, the one who rapes his wife and daughter. I think it also pertains to Sophie and the old woman. He protected them all, tok care of them. It was his first "mission".

Survive the Clubs

This one is about Gavin, and his brother. If I remember correctly there were fighting a lot, and it was getting really intense. Ed, the main character, had to be beaten up for the brothers to realize that, well, they are brothers.

Dig Deep Through The Spades

It started off with the poems, the authors, and the funny incident in the library. This part was the least interesting for me. All I got from reading this part was well, sometimes you have to exert effort if you really want to get what you want.

Feel the Hearts

This part was really good, wow. First, with Richie. Richie is my favorite character next to Ed, so a part of the novel that talked about him a lot made me happy. His problem was slightly less severe then Marvs, but a lot more than Audrey's. He needed to want something, he had no ambitions in life, and Ed helped him through that.

Marvs on the other hand, had a huge problem. He has a son. That had to be the second biggest shock of the novel for me. I didn't expect it, although I had no idea what his problem was before the revelation. I couldn't even guess, cause for me nothing really bad was going on with him aside from the ugly old car.

Audrey didn't strike me as attractive. That reason alone lead me to be less concerned of her during the third part of the "hearts". And it's crazy that she loves him yet she wants someone else.

The Joker

The biggest shock or plot twist of the novel! I thought that after the hearts it would be all over, but clearly the author intended to shock everyone with that ending. I was leaning towards the idea of his father planing the whole charade and all, but no. I also thought that maybe it was the bank robber himself, but no, he was just an accessory to it all. They didn't reveal who the man was, and Ed didn't even know who he was, so I guess I didn't really hate on the author for not telling us who he was.

The moral of the novel though is clearly amazing.
And I quote from the novel,

"If a guy like you can stand up and do what you did, then maybe everyone can. Maybe everyone can live beyond what they're capable of."

It is true though, ordinary people deem to be the most helpful in society. And if no one wants to stand up, then what will happen to the world? Someone must, and will be brave enough to speak up and do something about a certain problem in society perhaps.

"I'm not the messenger at all.
I'm the message."

He thought that he was just the messenger, delivering messages to the people "in need", but clearly he was something more. I understood this as Ed being an inspiration to all. To man up and deal with problems. If one decides to be a coward, then one will never succeed in life. That person will never get what he wants, or even worse, what he deserves.

This may be written for Young-Adults, but clearly the message of the novel applies to all. When a person has a huge problem in life, sometimes they just need someone to help them realize that being a coward wouldn't help at all, or if they don't need someone, then they need the hear the message from somewhere, because once the person realizes that he could do something about it, all he needs it motivation to actually pursue the elimination of that problem.

The novel for me had a slow start, but clearly everything else made up for it. I've heard that most people stopped from the part where I almost did, but I'm really glad I didn't. This novel was truly good, and I might need to read this again soon, just to relive that amazing plot. Might I add that this novel is fairly original for me. I haven't read anything like this before, and that ending really is the best. I can't say that it was an easy five stars, considering I almost gave it just one, but bear with the first few chapters and you will not regret it.