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A Dance With Dragons
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Allegiant  - Veronica Roth I expected the ending, the "kill someone really important to end a trilogy" kind of ending, but I was shocked that the author chose Tris to die, instead of Tobias. Tris for me felt more of the main character rather than Tobias, but how can I complain, I could easily say that the author indeed gave us a closure, yet the last few chapters were a let down. The death of Tris was not emphasized as it should have been, emphasized in a way that Tobias should've said more about it, Christina should've said more about it. It felt like the author rushed into giving Tobias a future rather than make him dwell on Tris' death. Despite the problems stated above though, the book deserves 5 stars, truly an epic ending to the trilogy. Indeed all questions were answered. Really hoping for more books coming from this author.