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Needful Things

Needful Things - Stephen King Special mention to Kat Stark! Because of her 4 star rating of this, and a really favorable review, I decided to pick this up again, as it was lying around on break for over 3 months already. I completely forgot about it (blame the really long to-read shelf). Thanks Kat! Your review was amazing, and it ended up making me finish an amazing novel.

Here's a link to her review: my link text

Finally finished this, and I'm really glad I did. What a freakin' ending that was.

The best Stephen King book that I've read, alongside The Long Walk. Kindly consider though that I've only read three as of this moment. Needful Things, The Long Walk and Carrie. Carrie was another great novel, but Needful Things and The Long Walk were far more superior for me.

Not really sure why this has a low rating on Goodreads. Better read around and find out.

It had a diverse set of characters, and all of them were interesting in their own ways. I'm not going to mention all of them anymore, as it would lengthen this review, and that's quite unnecessary anyway.

Some of the notable characters though were Nettie, Polly, Alan, Brian, Ace, and Sean. Okay I was kidding, of course we need to add Mr. Leland Gaunt. He was one of the most powerful characters I've ever encountered. Aside from all the symbolism he portrayed, his character alone made the novel as amazing as it was. All the fighting around town were really interesting in their own ways, and we can all blame the "devil" Leland Gaunt for that.

One thing that I didn't like about this novel though was the length. It could've been lessen down to around 300-500 pages, then it would be more bearable than its current state. But aside from the length, I couldn't find anymore flaws. I did bear with it, but it took me around 4 months to finish this. I did take a break during the middle part though. So if I were to exclude the break that I took, I probably finished this in a week or so.

Needful Things is the name of the shop where all your wishes can come true, but it's for a price. There's nothing in the world that's free nowadays, unless there's a mad"man" who wants to cause havoc in the vicinity. An interesting name like that would tempt and catch anyone's attention, thus the havoc began.

Honestly the blurb alone made me want to pickup this novel right away. Interestingly new for me, so I gave it a try. When I did pick this up though, I was still in the state wherein I didn't like reading huge novels, thus the break commenced. Now though, I am more interested in Fantasy novels, and Sci-Fi, so the length does not bother me anymore. Special mention to you A Song of Ice and Fire. That being said, I think that if I were to reread this right now, I would enjoy it even more, and it might even make it to my favorites shelf, but that's not going to happen right now. With my to-read shelf as long as the great wall of China, I can't really afford to reread as of right now. In the future though, I'm going to read this again for sure.

I pretty much rambled on about useless things in the previous paragraph/s, so I'm going to wrap things up right now. A very interestingly good novel. Have yourself a different read, and have a great time in the process too. Honestly a few dull moments here and there, but just a few paragraphs or so, very bearable in my case. This will not be my last ever Stephen King novel, in fact, I have around 5 more sitting impatiently on my bookshelf. I'm going to read another, if not more of his works in the near future. 5/5 stars, truly deserving.