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Reboot  - Amy Tintera
A huge disappointment for me, but to be honest I only picked this up because of that awesome looking cover.

Don't judge a book by its cover

Yeah that doesn't really apply much nowadays.

The novel started really slow, and I mean really slow. I was already in the middle yet it felt like the beginning of the book. Well come to think of it, it was a rather fast read. The font was big, and the spaces were kind of big so that made the novel look longer, but believe me, it's a short read.

The characters were okay, nothing to be wowed about. I didn't relate to any of them, and to be honest, Wren was really weak for me. A weak main character. Callum, alongside Wren, was also a weak character. Damn it, all of them weren't developed enough to be liked.

During the last few chapters though, both I kinda liked both of them, but come on, it took me more than 75% of the novel to like the main characters, that says a lot.

Now, to talk about the plot. I have a huge problem with the blurb. The blurb pretty much summed up the entire novel. In fact, I'm now regretting reading the blurb. Okay maybe the blurb spoiled till 75% of the book, but that's huge.
But the perfect soldier is done taking orders
Way to spoil the surprise.

If Wren did stop following orders around 20-30% of the novel, then that would've been much better, but no, she stopped following orders around 50% of the novel. Nothing shocked me. I don't wanna spoil, and I don't wanna add more spoiler tags so I'm just gonna say that nothing shocked me, even the parts that probably shocked you.

So the novel revolved around Wren falling for Callum I guess.

I didn't expect to read that much romance from this one, but Young-Adult novels nowadays have so much romance in it that it ends up overpowering the main premise of the novel. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate romance, but it being a main theme of the novel wouldn't catch my interest at all, nor will it make me really like the novel. Sure Wren and Callum's romance was pretty different, but the novel revolved around that. I was expecting a different read I guess. Should've read more of the reviews, my fault.

All those things said aside, I'm still willing to buy and read Rebel, the second novel, just because starting from around 80% of the novel, things started to get a little bit interesting. The Sci-Fi premise of the novel started to really standout. That being said, I guess I'm still a bit interested to know what's going to happen next, and how the duology will end.

Not a huge recommendation from me, because obviously I've read way better YA novels, or novels in general, and add the fact that I'm not really a fan of YA. Slow start and middle, and the end was a bit interesting. Avid YA readers would probably love this, but not me, "I liked it" though in a way(last few chapters), hence the three stars.

Sometimes in terms of novels,
The end justifies the means

I did say sometimes. Add this to the sometimes list.