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Ready Player One: A Novel

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

One of my favorite novels of all time. Of all time. Amazing world building, best I've ever read for now. Amazing in a way that every detail was thought of very well. Aside from the best world building I've ever read, the characters were also just as superb. Wade Watts has been added to my favorite characters of all time.

A video game themed novel, what more can anyone ask for? Aside from it having amazing references from amazing video games and movies that I've known since I was a child, the characters were also amazing. In fact, everything about this novel was amazing for me. I can't find any flaws in this novel, is that even possible? I knew almost everything that the author talked about (video games, movies, etc.), I couldn't help but feel proud that I knew all those, despite being called a geek by someone.

OASIS is a virtual utopia, where users can log-in and be in a world, similar to the real one, a virtual reality in short. Honestly, OASIS is my dream video game ever since I was a child, so I was super excited before reading this. I had mountain high expectations, and I was shocked that I was left not only satisfied, but also amazed after reading this novel. I took my time reading this, took me around 3-5 days to read this, and the only reason for that was I wanted to enjoy the novel. It being a standalone, I needed to enjoy every moment.

Wade Watts or Parzival was a very realistically awesome character. Similar things can be said about Aech and Art3mis. The other minor or slight major characters were also interesting in their own ways, and obviously their existence were a need to convey that amazing plot. It was unavoidable to hate Sorrento though, he was just a huge pain in the novel, but like I said, I loved every character in this novel.

The last chapter produced so much emotions. Aside from it being the fact that the novel was ending, I felt teary eyed reading it because of Wade and Art3mis. I'm not going to go into detail so that I may not spoil anything, but to keep things short, get ready to feel mixed emotions of high intensity while reading the last few chapters. I've grown to love every character, so that obviously contributed to my feelings toward the end.

An amazing novel for Sci-Fi fans, or maybe even a normal avid reader. If you haven't picked this book up, there's clearly something wrong with you, or you've been living under a rock. Go ahead and read this, and have one of the best reads you'll ever have. I think I need a new shelf named "Exceptional-Favorites" just for this novel, I might have to think this through.

More of a 100 stars rather than the mainstream 5. I will definitely read this again soon. A need to immerse oneself with a superb novel is a necessity, and Ready Player One is my choice for that. A fun filled ride with the occasional reference to one of your favorite games/movies of all time. This novel is a need, not a want.