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A Feast for Crows

A Feast for Crows - George R.R. Martin I'm aware that a lot of people hated this one, or not hated, but rather they considered this as their least favorite. You might be wondering why I rated it 5 stars, and why I placed it on my favorites shelf, well this review will probably answer those questions.

Spoilers ahead! Only slight though, not much to spoil here to be honest.

I'm fairly aware that this had the least interesting events of the four, and to add the fact that Daenerys was not evident, plus only a bit of Jon Snow was mentioned, but I still really enjoyed it.

Jaime and Cersei both made this book very enjoyable for me. Honestly I had to take a break from all the main characters, although i wasn't expecting a full break from them though. I really liked Jaime and Cersei's relationship ever since book three, so that added to my liking of the book, considering both of them are the 'main characters' here. Nothing huge happened, but both of their adventure were fairly entertaining to me.

Brienne and the other random/fairly important characters were very interesting too. Their journey through the novel was entertaining, for me at least. I had to known if Brienne would fulfill her mission of locating and protecting Sansa Stark, as that was her sworn mission to Catelyn. Speaking of Catelyn, she also had a minimal appearance here (only one), and that made me slightly disappointed.

The part of Sansa and Arya had to be a bit confusing to me. It's my fault though for not paying that much attention to details, so j forgot about their secret identities, and got confused who the hell was speaking, thankfully their narration reminded me of who they really were. Despite the confused state I was in, i really enjoyed their chapters too. Quite an interesting journey for the both of them, and Arya has grown into a strong and independent girl/lady.

While reading the first three novels, which were as large as this one, I used to be super mindful of the pages. I found it a dread then to go on and on till I reach the 1000th page. I can't say the same for this one though. Obviously the first three novels were my first big books, so I was new to it then and was very impatient, because I tend to want to read as much novels as possible. I can' t say the same for this one though, I didn't even noticed that I was on page 500 already, I only did because I wanted to complain where Daenerys was.

So all I can say that this novel had fluidity. The novel having 978 pages didn't bother me for once.

The 'afterword' of George R R Martin really relieved me of the fear that the main characters weren't coming back, or them having less appearances.

Another reason, I think, why I liked this one so much is because I took a break from the series. After reading the third book, I read a lot of other novels before reading this one. That contributed to my wanting to know what's going to happen next. I'm a million percent sure that if i read this one right after reading the third, my rating would've been lower than 5 stars.

I think I've defended my 5 star rating and adding to the favorites shelf. I enjoyed this for a lot of reasons that other people thought otherwise. I respect their opinion, and hopefully they'd do the same. This concludes my review, I think I've said too much already. Once again though, I'm going to take a break first before reading the fifth novel, hopefully the outcome would be the same.

5 stars and another addition to my favorites list! An obvious recommendation to any fantasy readers out there. A fair warning though, the third book is my favorite of the series, so i'd suggest not expecting much of this one. A different adventure, but still quite amusing.