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Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson
Interesting blurb, it caught my interest right away. I was reluctant though because of it being a YA novel, and that Brandon Sanderson wrote it. I've read Mistborn, and I loved it. Mistborn is not a YA novel, so I had to see if Brandon Sanderson can write a great YA novel, and he clearly did.

Steelheart killed David's father when he was still a child, and that caused his yearning for vengeance. He spent years researching about Steelheart, to know what his weakness is, because he's the only person who saw Steelheart bleed. The Reckoners is a group that kills epics. The epics that kill people for no apparent reason. So the ones that abuse power in short. .

David knew that he couldn't fight Steelheart alone, and after 10 years of extensive research and study of Steelheart, he still hasn't figured out the mighty epic's weakness.

What made me read till the end was my wanting to know the mysterious weakness of Steelheart. It's very intriguing for me because I am a huge fan of "Superheros" especially of those of Marvel and DC.

I didn't expect the weakness of Steelheart to be something original considering I've read a lot of comics about superheros already. But I've never read of a fictional character having this weakness the only thing that could hurt Steelheart is someone who's not afraid of him.
I thought that David might not be afraid of him considering his yearning for vengeance has been driving him for years, but clearly his attempt to kill Steelheart by firing 3 gunshots didn't do the trick. .
So in the end I found out that the only person not afraid of Steelheart, was Steelheart himself. David set up a trap with his gun and that caused Steelheart to pull the trigger, pointing at David, yet the gun exploded to himself, causing his death.

After that really good ending, I'm not sure what can happen next. I'm not that excited for the sequel, because I have no idea what's going to happen to the next novel. Although Megan is fairly interesting, and she hasn't really made her decision yet if I'm not mistaken? She's an epic who "tricked" the reckoners into believing that she also wanted to kill Steelheart, but no, she's an epic herself, an epic named Firefight, one of Steelheart's "companions?".

So to wrap things up, this was a great novel for me. Superheros are my thing up to now, so the novel was great. A very fast read, something light after my few High/Dark/Epic Fantasy novels. I'll be reading the second book once it's out in the stores. For now though, I'm going to read another Brandon Sanderson novel. He's been clearly added to my favorite authors. He knows how to write an amazing fantasy novel, even of the YA genre.