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Half a King

Half a King - Joe Abercrombie

I got an advance reading copy from Netgally

I can't thank Netgalley enough for giving me an arc of this amazing novel. I honestly didn't expect that I'd get an arc of this, but wow I'm really glad I did.

I've read Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself, and because of that, I had really high expectations with this one.

The novel started really strong, I got hooked right away, only problem is that some parts in the middle were rather boring, and that's the reason why I gave this 4 stars, and not 5. The characters were superb though, and the novel was full of action. Action packed and full of humor too from time to time, what more can you ask for?

I was shocked when I checked the genre and saw that it's listed as YA. After reading the novel, it really seemed more of Fantasy and epic only, just like his other novels. It's not that I'm discouraging people from reading this because of it being YA, I was just shocked, that's all.

This is a very easy recommendation to anyone who wants a good read. You might not want to try out Fantasy because of the gigantic fantasy books out there, but you should give this one a try. Fairly short for a fantasy novel, but the plot didn't seem like it was rushed. Abercrombie truly knows how to write an amazing novel. I might've gotten an arc, but surely I'll still buy myself a copy of this novel nevertheless.