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Last Argument of Kings

Last Argument of Kings  - Joe Abercrombie I've seen numerous reviews complaining about the ending/the series itself, and I have to strongly disagree with them.

The characters were superb. In fact, I even like the characters more than some of the characters in George R.R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. I liked every character in the First Law Trilogy. They were original and interesting.

But let me talk about this book, and not of the series as a whole.

There were a lot of surprises in the third and last installment of the trilogy. Surprises that I really did not see coming.

Jezal's real parents
Ardee West and Glokta's marriage
Ardee being pregnant with Jezal as the father (the mere fact that she was pregnant was the only shocking part)
Jezal being king of course
Bayaz's deceit (although we all knew this was coming)
Jezal's army winning. I was expecting them to lose... nice one Abercrombie

I only mentioned a few surprises, better read to believe, and be amazed.

All of the characters developed quite well for me. Joe Abercrombie's message is quite clear
People don't change, they stay the same

This book was as eventful as the second one. Full of action and shocking revelations. I couldn't put the book down, but I read at a slower pace just because I didn't want the trilogy to end just yet.

Now to talk about the series as a whole.

Jezal has to be my favorite character ever. More than all of the characters of all the novels I've read combined. I don't know why but he strike me as the most interesting one.
An arrogant asshole who honestly got what he wanted. Despite Glokta's blackmailing Jezal's queen, in technicality, Jezal got everything. A wife, and the throne. The only thing he didn't get, that he really wanted, was Ardee. I was completely disappointed with this, considering I really wanted both of them together. Also add the fact that Ardee is carrying Jezal's baby.

I've also seen numerous reviews regarding how uneventful the first book was. I do have to agree, but it was an introduction to the few greatest characters of all time. The only reason why I loved the trilogy was because of the characters. If it were not for the first book, Jezal wouldn't be my favorite character of all time.

This trilogy has to be one of my favorites. With characters that superb, and the plot was not that bad to be honest. A whole lot of surprises, this is what a fantasy novel should be made of. I know a lot of people would disagree with this review, but for me, I really really liked this trilogy. I already bought Heroes and Red Country, and being in the same setting as this, I'm going to read them soon. Best Served Cold to follow.

A very easy 5 stars for this book, and an easy 5 stars for the trilogy. Joe Abercrombie has been added to my list of favorite authors.