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Mistborn: The Final Empire

Mistborn: The Final Empire  - Brandon Sanderson
This novel for me was original and climatic. Never a dull moment, and all aspects were clearly explained. To be honest the blurb didn't amaze me, but thankfully I listened to all the recommendations because I ended up loving this novel, and hopefully the next books of the trilogy/series.

There was an amazing character development, and I really mean amazing. Vin, Elend and Kelsier are among my favorites.

Yes, in the beginning Vin was not much of a powerful character, but as the novel progressed she became a really strong character. And that was really necessary considering she's the main character. I also liked Elend, although I'm not sure if everyone else liked him. I don't think the author meant to describe Elend in a favorable way, but I clearly think that he will be more awesome in the next book, considering that he's the new king!

Kelsier has to be my favorite in this novel, and I got really annoyed because Brandon Sanderson decided to kill him right away. I know his death meant something to the plot and all, but for me his death came up rather early, too early in fact. We can consider him as a main character alongside Vin, and most main characters don't die until the second or third novel.

The other characters were also interesting in their own way, but some failed to meet my standards. Sazed was really cool, I believe that without him, there would be an inadequacy in Vin's character development. Lord Ruler for me was a weak villain. He only really showed up in the end, and he died right away. Clearly not a memorable villain, but interesting in his own way. We were already informed of his "secret" right away, and thus I have to ask, what will happen int he next novel? Who will the next antagonist be? It added to the excitement of reading the next book.

Some of the weaker characters are Elend's "friends", Breeze, and Dockson. I was expecting more from Breeze and Dockson, hopefully we'd see more growht in the second book.

This novel was amazing for me, and only thing I didn't like was Kelsier's death . That aside, this novel was almost flawless. I tried to look for flaws, or things I didn't like, but honestly, what's there to hate? (aside from the one I mentioned, but that's clearly opinionated, and can be forgotten I guess).

Clearly the magic system of this series is unique and original. I've never read a novel with characters using magic from metals. I love the Chemistry, and I think that contributed to my favorable review of this novel, and also to my liking of the novel itself. I like reading original stuff, or to rephrase that, great original stuff, and this satisfied my standards. I've been yearning to read an amazing magic fantasy novel, and I've finally found it (aside from the other awesome ones I've read of course.)

5 stars, favorites list, and a serious recommendation. If you're a fantasy fan, and you haven't read this, then you're clearly missing out on something so unique and awesome. I'm gonna read the next books soon, if not right away.