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More Than This

More Than This - Patrick Ness Life does not have to go how you think it will, not even when you are very sure what is going to happen.

That quote from the book has to be the main idea of the plot, and also what I realized this novel offers in the end. While reading the novel I stumbled upon moments where I expected obvious and cliche things to happen, but Patrick Ness managed to surprise me. I thought I figured out everything, but in the end I was wrong, and you don't really find that easily among most young-adult novels. The story is fairly original for me, and right from the start I wanted to know what's happening to Seth, the main character.

Patrick Ness really caught my attention with the blurb of the novel. There were a lot of shocking revelations that really made me want to finish the book in one sitting. This is a very good example of a novel that would make you ask the question, "What is the meaning of life?".

I did my best not to spoil anything, and hopefully I didn't. To sum things up, I recommend you go to the nearest bookstore or order this online and read it right away. Interesting world building plus a plot that would really make you love this novel.
Did Patrick Ness give out an open-ending, or will there be another novel? The ending really made me want to ask for a sequel.