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A Storm of Swords

A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin

This book was amazing. All I ask of the series is to have more action, and I truly got my wish.

The Red Wedding is the most amazing thing that has happened to the whole series as of now. I got really mad at first because Robb became my favorite character, but after a few days of pausing, I realized how amazing the red wedding was. I've seen numerous reviews stating how violent it was, but honestly I want that violence in the series. Being a 1000+ pages book, we need something to keep us going, and The Red Wedding proved to be the solution.

More shocking things happened, like Sansa being married to Tyrion, and then her escape, causing her to be betrayed. I used to hate Sansa, because of her constant complaints about everything, but after she got "captive" of Joffrey, I started to like her. Speaking of Joffrey, I was really glad that he died. This asshole needs to go.

Davos and Arya successfully made me bored again, although I have to say both of them improved, compared to the second book. Arya, in the end, seemed stronger. Makes me want to know what's going to happen to her in the next books.

Jaime and Cersei continues to be my favorite "couple" of the book. I've always wanted forbidden relationships, just like Ardee and Jezal from Joe Abercrombie's The First Law Trilogy. Jaime losing one of his hand was really cool too. I didn't like what happened to them in the end though... but it also makes me want to read the next book and find out what's going to happen to the both of them.

The ending of the epilogue was very, very surprising. The disrespectful shit they did to Robb was fascinating, and who would've thought that Catelyn Stark would still be alive?! I considered Robb to be the twist in the end, but wow, Catelyn was a huge twist for me. Of course no one (of the main characters) know that she's alive... this is going to be very interesting.

Those things being said, this is a novel full of deceit, lies, murder, and incest. One hell of a roller coaster ride reading this. I've heard numerous advice saying that I should stop for a while after this one, and I think I'm going to listen. I do have a really long "to-read" list, and I'm going to go read some other novels first before starting with A Feast of Crows.

An easy 5 stars. I'm going to read this novel again one day to relive that amazing roller coaster ride full of twists and turns. One of the best books of the decade.