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Unwind - Neal Shusterman Unwind is not your typical YA book which contains romance, and more romance. In fact, the only reason why I gave up on YA novels is that almost all of them are about romance, especially ya-dystopia novels. Thankfully though, Unwind doesn't fall under ya-dystopia-romance.

The only reason why I gave it 4 stars, and not 5, is because of the characters. I didn't really like them, except for Conner. Aside from him though, I didn't really care what was going to happen to the others. Some of them were quite annoying too.

Some people might find the process of unwinding someone as immoral, but come on, it's a fantasy novel. If you want realistic novels, then go read something else.

This is a great novel, obviously not perfect, but original and good in its own way. Not that I liked the concept of unwinding someone in the moral sense, but I found it fascinating being a premed student. A few jargon here and there of the medical field, I really liked that.

I already have the next book, but I'm not planning on reading it anytime soon. For me the ending could've been better, it wasn't much of a cliffhanger like I was expecting. Despite the problems mentioned above though, I highly recommend reading this. For me, it is something new for once. Better have a good read every now and then.