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Micro - Michael Crichton, Richard Preston I read this about a month ago, and only now have I realized that this needs a better review from me. For a Crichton (or half a Crichton) novel, this really has a low rating. At first I couldn't understand why, because this really has to be one of my favorite novels.

After reading a lot of reviews, I realized that people were rating this book based on their past experience with Crichton's novels. I will be honest and say that this was my first novel of Crichton, so maybe that's the reason for my liking of it.

The problem with unfinished novels is that people tend to judge it even before opening the novel. This is not the first series I've encountered that people bash the book right away just because they've read the author's past novels and they criticize the writing of the one who finished the novel, or in some cases, helped writing (James Patterson).

Before reading this book all I knew about Michael Crichton was that he wrote Jurassic Park, and I've only seen the movie then. I haven't actually read the book so like I said, I wasn't expecting much from the novel. I didn't buy it because of the author, I bought it because the plot seemed interesting to me.

I'm aware that I'm not a hardcore Sci-Fi fan, but I'm starting to become one. I have to admit that Sci-Fi has to be one of my favorite genres now. For me this book contains a lot of realistic Science Fiction. Realistic in a way that if a person were to shrink, the problems faced by the characters in the book were very believable, and that for me was the reason why I loved this book in the first place. I felt like I was one of the characters, and their experiences during their "shrunk adventure" really caught my interest. In fact, I even ordered some more books about people shrinking (Sci-Fi of course).

All I can say is that if you are to read this book, and you've read a lot of Michael Crichton books, I recommend that you try and forget first some of Crichton's work and have an open-mind for this one. I'm sure its not going to be the best for you guys, it might not even make it to your favorites shelf, but I'm sure that one way or another you'd find this novel as a good read.