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Natural Born Angel

Natural Born Angel - Scott Speer I thought I wouldn't like this book for the sole reason that I was rather not drawn toward the book because of the title. "Natural Born Angel" was too far away from being good like "Immortal City", although the plot, once again, proved otherwise.
The book, at first, revolves around how Maddy's slowly becoming inhumane, and more angelic. She's been having her Flight lessons, and her fame's rapidly improving. The jealousy of Jackson is crystal clear, and the fact that Maddy left him in the end didn't shock me. Maddy met this pilot "Tom" because Susan, one of her professors, recommended him so that Maddy could learn how to fly faster, and she did. As their "classes" go on, Maddy soon realized that she had fallen for Tom, although she's still in love with Jacks...

I was honestly hoping that the Human-Angel war was going to push through, but something better came up. I was waiting for this to happen, and I knew it was going to sooner or later. The demons appeared, and it kind of shocked me that they targeted the humans, and not the angels. Most of the "Angel related books" out there today would be about Angel-Demon wars, but this book is different. It's about well, "The Book Of Angels" or also known as "The Bible".

Scott Speer probably wrote the BIGGEST cliffhanger of all time. He left the readers wondering, wishing, or violently hoping that Maddy would choose the guy that they want. Scott left US hanging between Tom, a pilot who's going to fight the Demons and could honestly not return, well, alive, and Jacks, renewed cause of his "metalic/robotic wings", who seems to be a completely different person. Although Maddy knows that she's not just choosing over two guys, she's also choosing between siding up with the humans, or the angels.

I cannot wait for the third book, although the second one was just recently released.. So I'm sure that I'll be waiting for a long time, possibly more that a year, for the next book to be released, considering the fact that there's no news about it as of right now.

I honestly give this book a 4.5, not a 5. (No option to make it 4.5) For the main reason that I do no t like Sylvester that much, and he had more than a few chapters just for himself. I know he plays a huge role in the plot, but I honestly find his story, unwanted. Although I could bear a few more chapters of him, for I'm sure his decision would be crucial to the plot, I would honestly want him gone. But once again, I could bear with him anyway.